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Viewpoints: Pros And Cons Of Candidates’ Plans For Health Care; Now Hear This: A New Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions Via Fox News

Editorial pages express views about the future of health care.


State Highlights: All Policemen In This Alaska Village Have Criminal Records, Including The Chief, Report Finds; Kansas To Phase In New Vaccine Rules For Schools

Media outlets report on new Alaska, Kansas, Ohio, Maryland, California, Texas, Virginia and Connecticut.


Longer Looks: Reclaiming Medicare For All; Breaking American Health Care; And The ACA’s Court Battle

Each week, KHN's Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web.


Prominent Vaping Researcher Asks For Study Linking E-Cigarettes To Heart Attacks To Be Retracted

The spat is over a study that claimed adult vaping was "associated with" a doubled risk of heart attack. Brad Rodu, a University of Louisville professor, says that when he obtained the federal data, he found the majority of the 38 patients in the study who had heart attacks had them before they started vaping. In other news, Juul has hired a prominent researcher known for his work on nicotine and the adolescent brain.


What Role Do Seizures Play In Alzheimer’s? Perhaps They Were Once Overlooked, But Now Researchers Say They Might Cause Dementia

Several unpublished studies getting attention at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference this week point to new research on people who have gone on to develop Alzheimer's after having seizures. News on the disease also looks at how exercise might help and potential links to infections.


A ‘Smart Pill’ To Help Patients Remember To Take Meds Was Touted As New Era In Care. Now Researchers Are Pushing Back.

The researchers argue that the evidence used to approve the product — called Abilify MyCite — was not only weak, but failed to demonstrate the technology improves adherence, a key point if the goal is to improve health outcomes. In other public health news: neuron research, seasickness, surgery, scooter safety, broken heart syndrome, and more.


Georgia Governor Wants To Help Uninsured Without Expanding Medicaid. A State-Funded Report Shows How Tough That Will Be.

The report by consulting giant Deloitte found that an estimated 1.5 million residents lack health insurance and that Georgia trails other states, even those that also have not expanded Medicaid, in covering low-income residents. Medicaid news comes out of Iowa, Florida and Alaska, as well.


Dangerous Heat Wave In Midwest, Along East Coast Prompts Officials To Find Ways To Protect Vulnerable Homeless, Seniors

Around the country, cities are mobilizing outreach teams, armed with supplies of water, to check on residents living on the streets or in housing without air conditioning. “We are treating this as the emergency it is,” said Josh Kruger, communications director for the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services. In the District of Columbia, where the heat index is supposed to reach 115 this weekend, the mayor has declared a state of emergency and is keeping shelters open round the clock so people can try to cool off.


UnitedHealth Reverses Course, Approves Coverage For $2.1 Million Gene Therapy For Family Racing Against Clock

Lauren Sullivan had been trying to appeal UnitedHealth's initial refusal of the drug for her 21-month-old daughter, Daryn. The girl was running out of time to receive the treatment before her second birthday in October, when the drug has to be administered. The company also approved claims for three other patients. In other news, UnitedHealth beats expectations for the quarter, prompting company to boost earnings guidance.


In Hint Of What’s To Come, Novartis Puts Aside $700M To Settle Bribery Allegations Involving ‘Sham’ Speaking Events

The case centers on 80,000 events Novartis held between 2002 and 2011 that federal prosecutors allege amounted to kickbacks masquerading as educational meetings.


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