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Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Newsletter editor Brianna Labuskes wades through hundreds of health care policy stories each week, so you don't have to.


We (Heart) Health Policy Poets

KHN highlights some of the creative valentines posted on Twitter by health policy enthusiasts.


Viewpoints: No Surprise That No One Seriously Plans To Fix Surprise Medical Bills; ‘Medicare For All’ Isn’t What’s Hurting Warren, Other Dems

Opinion writers weigh in on these health care issues and others.


Perspectives: Lessons About Silencing Chinese Doctor Who Warned About Coronavirus; Supporting U.S. Chinese Communities Needs To Replace Blaming

Editorial pages focus on public health issues surrounding the coronavirus


Longer Looks: Violent Crime And Head Trauma; The Battle Over A Plant; Warship Accidents; And More

Each week, KHN finds interesting reads from around the Web.


State Highlights: LA Mayor Works With Trump Administration To Pave Way For Homeless Beds; Baltimore Mayor Kept Reselling Same ‘Healthy Holly’ Books For Profit In Illegal Scheme

Media outlets report on news from California, Maryland, Alabama, Florida, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington.


Advocates Cheer Growing Trend Allowing Babies In Workplace Even In States Where Family Leave Is Available

Bosses and co-workers have to support the idea, but due to multiple financial factors young families face, including the high costs of child care, parents are learning that toting junior to the office can be very rewarding. Public health news is on transgender treatments, sex-linked cancers, rare diseases, aging population boom, weight loss drug danger, measles, STDs screenings, clock switching, coffee habits, chronic fatigue, gene-editing technology and air pollution, as well.


Georgia Senate Bill Aims To Regulate Pharmacy Middlemen To Achieve Lower Medication Prices

But pharmacy benefit managers argued at hearings this week that measure SB 313 will only increase profits for independent pharmacy. Other news is on an emergency measure for free insulin in Minnesota and a potential new herbicide.


Opioids’ Serious Adverse Effects Came Up In Only 12% Of Doctor, Sales Rep Interactions, Analysis Finds

And the addictive quality of the painkillers was mention in only 49 percent of the interactions. Meanwhile, 59% of the physicians judged the quality of the scientific information the sales reps provided to be good or excellent. Other news on the opioid crisis comes out of Wyoming.


Even Governors Who Have Steadfastly Supported Trump Are Raising Concerns About Medicaid Changes

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration wrote to CMS that a proposed funding rule that the agency says would increase transparency, integrity and clarity would "cripple" the state's program. Meanwhile, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker also spoke out about the changes.


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