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Must-Reads Of The Week (Some Flying Below The Radar)

Executive editor Damon Darlin takes a spin as host of “The Friday Breeze,” whirling through a week of health care news so you don’t have to.


Viewpoints: Doctors Need To Stop Saying No To Patients Who Need Opioids; FDA’s E-Cigarette Policies Could Make It Tough On U.S. Troops

Opinion writers weigh in on these health topics and others.


Different Takes: Lessons On The Health Law’s Success In Cost Control; Bernie’s Onto Something About Women Being Better Off Giving Birth In Finland

Editorial pages focus on these health policies and others.


Longer Looks: New York And Surprise Medical Bills; The Fertility Doctor’s Secret; And Medicare For America

Each week, KHN's Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web.


State Highlights: D.C.’s Homeless Camps Paint Grim Picture Of Widening Inequality In Country; Houston’s Monitoring Of Air Quality Continues As Warning Ends

Media outlets report on news from D.C., Texas, Rhode Island, New York, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, California, Missouri, Louisiana, Maryland and Massachusetts.


From The State Capitols: Lawmakers Plan ‘Voluntary’ Do-Not-Sell Gun Bill In Louisiana; Children’s Mental Health Measure Moves To Iowa’s Senate; And More

News from state legislatures comes out of Louisiana, Iowa, New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, Florida and California.


Precision Medicine Is Hot Field These Days, But It’s Undermined By Lack Of Diversity In Genetic Research

An analysis finds that 78 percent of all individuals included in genomic studies of disease up to 2018 were of European descent. In other public health news: loneliness in teens, childhood trauma, trigger warnings, cancer and vaccines by mail.


‘A Huge Step Forward’: Research Breakthrough Sparks Hope For Preserving Fertility Of Young Boys With Cancer

"Fertility issues for kids with cancer were ignored" for years, said University of Pittsburgh reproductive scientist Kyle Orwig. "Many of us dream of growing up and having our own families. We hope our research will help these young patients to do that." Until now, boys hadn't had a realistic option to preserve their fertility, but that may be changing.


House Democrats Want More Information On Sackler Family’s Role In Opioid Epidemic

The family that found Purdue Pharma has come under intense scrutiny as of late after it was revealed just how deeply involved some of the members were in the early aggressive marketing tactics pursued by the opioid-maker. Meanwhile, an advocacy group is calling on the FDA to impose a moratorium on approving new opioids.


The Dark Side Of Artificial Intelligence: Increased Efficiency Comes With Ominous Threat Of Vulnerability To Hackers

A report warns that artificial intelligence can be easily duped with tiny pieces of data. The authors say bad actors could hack into records and make it seem like there's an illness there that isn't. But more likely is that doctors, hospitals and other organizations could manipulate the A.I. in billing or insurance software in an effort to maximize the money coming their way. In other health technology news: a day of reckoning is coming for digital health, the FDA calls for tighter security of electronic health records following a KHN report, and data breaches from the states.


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