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Grades 9-16 participants in pipeline programs that expose students to health careers


Clinical training rotations for health professions trainees


Health professions students placed in rural and underserved locations
* Numbers represent the '18-'19 year
North Carolina AHEC

North Carolina AHEC

Special appreciation to our friends at the North Carolina AHEC
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AHEC Scholars Resources

Visit the resource website provided to assist NAO members as we develop and implement AHEC Scholars and integrate the core topics into our community-based training across the United States.

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NAO Member Newsletter

2020:10:26 | From the CEO's Office

Our partners at the National Organization for State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) remind us that National Rural Health Day is quickly arriving. National Rural Health Day is always the third Thursday in November (Nov. 19 this year)...


What is NAO?

NAO represents a network of more than 300 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) program offices and centers that serve over 85% of United States counties.

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We are dedicated to improving the accessibility to healthcare in rural and underserved populations through advocacy, education, and research.