National AHEC Organization

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Grades 9-16 participants in pipeline programs that expose students to health careers


Clinical training rotations for health professions trainees


Health professions students placed in rural and underserved locations
* Numbers represent the 2017 year

2019 Leadership Conference

The NAO Executive Committee is thrilled to be hosting the 2019 NAO Leadership Conference “Empowering Success through Synergy” March 13-14 in San Diego, California.
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AHEC Scholars Resources

Visit the resource website provided to assist NAO members as we develop and implement AHEC Scholars and integrate the core topics into our community-based training across the United States.

Healthcare News Source: Kaiser Health News

NAO Member Newsletter

2019:02:14 | From the CEO's Office

This week the NAO Board along with Committee Chairs met for the monthly Board of Directors meeting, and I’m happy to report that we approved partnering with two entities to provide some outstanding...


What is NAO?

NAO represents a network of more than 300 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) program offices and centers that serve over 85% of United States counties.

New NAO CEO Leadership

Dwain Harris

The Board of Directors of the National AHEC Organization announces the selection of a new Chief Executive Officer, Dwain Harris, MHA.