National AHEC Organization

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Grades 9-16 participants in pipeline programs that expose students to health careers


Clinical training rotations for health professions trainees


Health professions students placed in rural and underserved locations
* Numbers represent the 2017 year

2019 Leadership Conference

The NAO Executive Committee is thrilled to be hosting the 2019 NAO Leadership Conference “Empowering Success through Synergy” March 13-14 in San Diego, California.
[image] - scholars resources

AHEC Scholars Resources

Visit the resource website provided to assist NAO members as we develop and implement AHEC Scholars and integrate the core topics into our community-based training across the United States.

Healthcare News Source: Kaiser Health News

NAO Member Newsletter

2019:03:22 | From the CEO's Office

Thank you to those who were able to join us for our 2019 Leadership Conference, Empowering Success Through Synergy, last week...


What is NAO?

NAO represents a network of more than 300 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) program offices and centers that serve over 85% of United States counties.

What We Do

We are dedicated to improving the accessibility to healthcare in rural and underserved populations through advocacy, education, and research.