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NAO Members

This week I ask you to stay tuned on several topics:

2018 NAO Conference:
The call for proposals for the conference has closed. Thank you to those who have submitted your proposals. The reviews will begin next week! The Conference Planning Committee’s goal is to begin notification by early March. We are very appreciative of the members of this committee who are taking time to serve as reviewers.

AHEC Scholars:
Recently I sent a message to the AHEC grantees inquiring about interest in development of a national logo for AHEC Scholars. With such a positive response, a work group is being organized to begin work on its development. The group, led by Cathy Whaley, will be working toward the target date of April 1.

AHEC Scholars webpage is coming soon. Since we added the forum option, it is taking longer to assemble and test, but there will be an eblast as soon as it is ready. I apologize for the delay, but it will be a better site with the forum.

Interim CEO:
The Governance Committee and Executive Committee have been interviewing candidates for the interim CEO position. We hope to have an announcement next week with an interim CEO in place in February.

To keep you informed regarding the federal budget, I’d like to share the message received from Dale Dirks of Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington this morning.

“Last night the president signed a bill to end the government shutdown. The legislation contains another short-term continuing resolution (CR) that extends government funding through February 8th, reauthorizes the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years, and delays the implementation of the medical device tax for two years.

The short-term measure does not address the topics of immigration, health centers, the National Health Service Corps, or overall FY 2018 spending caps. Congressional leaders hope to work during the next several weeks develop an agreement on how to proceed on these issues. The brief, three-week window for discussions almost certainly means that even if some overarching agreement is reached in these areas, lawmakers will have to pass another CR to fund the government for a short period of time to allow legislative debates.”

Working together

Paula Overfelt
President, NAO Board of Directors

National Training Center

AHEC serves its niche
The last national HPV webinar “Perspectives on Vaccine Hesitancy” showcased AHEC’s ability to meet its niche of providing continuing education to healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas. More than 80% of attendees reported their work setting in rural, frontier or urban underserved areas. Wow! Additionally, we were able to gain some international participants – from Nigeria, Egypt, Canada and Haiti.

Next HPV webinar especially useful for student education
HOur next webinar has a strong science base! Would you be willing to help us promote this opportunity to health professions students? They would be able to view the webinar in real time in a classroom setting, or have students view the webinar individually. For those of you involved in the project, let us know if you have classrooms interested in participating and we can help you with the logistics on reporting those numbers for the project. Health professionals are always welcome as well. CME/CE credit is pending.

“How HPV Causes Cancer and Why it Still Matters”
3 p.m. ET, Thursday, Feb. 15
Register Now
Presented by: Dr. Peter Angeletti, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Center for Virology, School of Biological Sciences

  • The biology of HPV and its infection
  • How the virus replicates and hides from the immune system
  • How HPV causes cancer
  • Evidence of different manifestations of HPV-related dysplasia
  • Rationale for adopting an effective HPV vaccination strategy
  • Efficacy evidence of the current vaccine
  • #AHEChpv spreads awareness during #CervicalHealth Month
    It’s the last full week to raise awareness for Cervical Health Month. Can you help us spread the word by posting this message on your social media platforms this week?

    #HPV Survivor, Scott, talks about his experience with HPV related cancer and his journey through treatment. #AHEChpv #CancerPrevention

    2018 Conference News

    Vendor and Exhibitor Opportunities

    Dear Centers and Program Offices

    In an effort to have a STRONG show of vendors and exhibitors at the 2018 National AHEC Conference, we are asking each of you to submit names of companies and organizations you work with in your daily AHEC operations that we can approach as potential sponsors and exhibitors. Even local companies have the ability to market and sell to a larger audience, so we would love to know what who you work with!

    For example, in Missouri, we all do dissection activities with our high school students, so and we mostly all use Carolina Biological for supplies and specimens. This is an online company we could reach out to see if they’re interested in having a booth to directly market to other centers around the nation with similar high school programs. And in Tampa Florida, they’ve used the same local print shop for years and years – we can ask the manager there if she’d sponsor the conference badges, lanyards, or other promotional items. (Don’t worry if a company you work with doesn’t seem like a “fit” -- the Conference Planning Committee can review your suggestions and make those determinations).

    So please submit your ideas to Becky Schlevensky at or 414-908-4953 Ext. 111 right away. Include the company/organization names, brief descriptions of how you work with them, and the names/emails of any contacts you have. Becky will follow up with them directly or reach out to their marketing/sales departments.

    Other News

    Center Directors

    Center Director Constituency Group
    All Center Directors

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018
    1:00 – 2:00 PM EDST
    Passcode: 33402919

    • Updates from Public Policy, Membership, and Conference Planning Committees
    • Learn More: Community Health Workers
    • HRSA Core Training Topic: Cultural Competency

    Watch for announcement of special CDCG webinar in partnership with PDCG in February!

    AHEC Scholars--where are we now and what's next?

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