NAO UPDATE | Provided as a Member Benefit August 15th, 2018

Reporting to You from the Board of Directors


The monthly meeting of the NAO Board of Directors was held on Thursday, August 9. Action items from the meeting:

Election of officers for the year beginning October 1:

President – Mindy Bateman, Crossroads AHEC, Salt Lake City, Utah

President-Elect – Christina Mathis, Gulfcoast North AHEC, Wesley Chapel, FL. Christina has been serving as secretary of the NAO Board for almost two years.

Secretary – Aileen Harris, Capitol AHEC, Richmond, Virginia. Aileen has served as the Chair of the Center Directors Constituency Group for the past year.

Treasurer – Julie Bazan, Area Health Education Center of the Mid Rio Grande Border Area, Laredo, Texas.  Julie was appointed to fill the unexpired term as treasurer in May. She was elected to begin serving a two-year term at this meeting. Interesting bylaws fact – the office of treasurer is elected on even number years.

Parliamentarian- Michael French, Co-Director, ATSU AHEC, Kirksville, Missouri, was reappointed to the role of parliamentarian.

And, I will serve as the Immediate Past President.

Congratulations to each of these officers! I certainly look forward to continuing to serve with each of them and I know they will serve in your best interest.

The Board also approved the appointment of the following to the CEO Search Committee: Mindy Bateman, Christina Mathis, Julie Bazan, Michael French, Anna Wenders, Gloria Burnett and Nicole Carritt. I will serve as the chair of the CEO Search Committee.  Please know that we will keep you informed as we proceed through the process, but as you all know the search process takes time. We’re glad to have Jacqueline Wynn serving in the interim!

In addition to the nomination of officers, the Governance Committee presented the Governance Policies for review for vote at the September meeting. At these meetings, the committee chairs and co-chairs, constituency group chairs, and Gretchen Forsell with the National Training Center, also report their work on behalf of our professional organization. Much is going on in NAO!

For those of you with students starting school this week or in the next few weeks– from Pre-K to graduate school, I hope it all goes smoothly! Going back to school is always exciting and filled with just a little (or a lot) of anxiety!


Paula Overfelt
President, NAO Board of Directors


Data is key to demonstrating the impact of AHEC programming and it is essential that NAO leadership continue to have current data to tell our story. We cannot tell you how beneficial it is for NAO to be able to report current numbers which means every year, the data needs to be updated. 
The good news is that our streamlined NAO Committee on Research, Outcomes, and Evaluations (CORE) data collection form and process make reporting easier than ever. There is only one online form and essentially all of the questions can be answered using data included in your federal report. Please help us gather the total numbers for 2017-2018 by completing the NAO CORE Data Collection Form no later than August 31, 2018. All data should be submitted via the survey on or
Your continued participation in CORE's data collection effort will provide us with the means to not only produce updated annual legislative flyers but help us determine trends and inform decision making. We look forward to receiving your data! Thank You! 
Questions? Contact CORE co-chairs  Detra Brown at or Jennifer Taylor at

National Training Center

How to overcome vaccine hesitancy through motivational interviewing = next webinar
How much of a problem is vaccine hesitancy? It’s complicated and there’s no easy solution! Find out how motivational interviewing can improve response to vaccination in our next webinar, “Evidence-Based Communication Strategies for Improving Child and Adolescent Vaccine Uptake,” set for 2 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Sept. 19. Please promote to health professionals and health professions students in your AHEC region by using this registration link:

This webinar fits the practice transformation HRSA core topic. What a great way to fulfill a HRSA requirement while also providing relevant hot-topic education to students. We can share information with you on who attended from your state!

AHEC’s social media gets boost from HPV Project! 
It’s National Immunization Awareness Month! 
“The HPV project has helped to enhance the social media efforts of Southwest PA AHEC by providing content and hashtags which have connected us with many other organizations in the health care arena.” – Lynne Williams, Southwest PA AHEC

August in National Immunization Awareness Month (#NIAM18) and we are highlighting the importance of the HPV vaccine as Cancer Prevention! This campaign is designed to share a wealth of information with your followers/friends/partners through quick and easy to read messages! Not only does the campaign spread awareness of our cause, it connects us to partners and more people are added to our social media outreach!

Please consider sharing this message and photo this week: 
August is National Immunization Awareness Month! #HPVvaccine is preventing cancer-causing infections. Since #HPVvax was introduced over 10 years ago, HPV infections have dropped significantly. #AHEChpv

HPV: The gender-neutral killer in need of prevention among men
"I had got a lump in my neck. I had the tonsils out, and within the next few days, I was having radical neck dissection," he said. "Then I had six weeks of intensive, targeted radiotherapy. The burning effect towards the end of the treatment became very painful." At the time of the diagnosis, Phil Rech didn't question how or what could have caused his cancer, as he focused on getting better. Like many men in the United Kingdom and around the world, he wasn't aware of a group of viruses that were a threat, human papillomavirus or HPV, which were eventually connected to his cancer. Read more of Rech’s story of survival and also how the UK is pushing for vaccination among boys.

NAO Committee Corner:
Membership Updates & Opportunities

NAO Membership Committee Is Seeking Your Input
The NAO Membership Committee will be discussing how to implement the feedback and input from the recent Membership Survey. Improving the member experience and developing future goals will be the focus of the next meeting. Will you join this committee and be a part of shaping the future?

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 28th, 12:30p PST, 1:30p MST, 2:30p CST, and 3:30p EST.
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or Telephone: Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 3034818686

Those interested should email or call 303-923-3734.

Legislative Update

This week, both the House and Senate were out of session marking a quiet week here on Capitol Hill. The House will re-convene after Labor Day to continue its work while the Senate returns next week on August 13 to take up more appropriations bills and nominations. This is your, brief, end of the week update.


When the Senate returns on August 13, we expect that they will begin consideration of another minibus appropriations effort combining the Labor-HHS with Defense appropriations bills. It is expected that the Senate with bipartisan support will pass this minibus appropriations package much in the same way that it did with the previous packages. (The first minibus contains Energy and Water Development; Mil. Con. VA; and Legislative Branch appropriations. The second minibus contains Interior & Environment; Financial Services & General Government; Transportation & Housing; and Agriculture, Rural Development, & FDA appropriations.)    

Once the House and Senate return after Labor Day, we expect that legislators will advance many of the appropriations bills to conference in efforts to send them before the president ahead of the conclusion of the current fiscal year, September 30. It is not likely that the Labor-HHS appropriations bill will be among the bills conferenced in September, thus will probably require a short-term continuing resolution for these measures.


Remembering the Legacy of the Honorable Margaret M. Heckler: On Monday, August 6, Margaret M. Heckler passed away at the age of 87. The transition of the former Congresswoman (R-MA), Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, left ripples throughout Washington this week. To honor Ms. Heckler, Secretary Alex Azar issued a statement regarding his predecessors passing and legacy during her tenure as Secretary of Health and Human Services from 1983 to 1985. Ms. Heckler was a champion for improving the nations health and renown for her passion of taking on issues concerning health disparities, HIV, and AIDS. 


Building Better Primary Care: New Tools for Getting Evidence into Practice: On August 22, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will preview its new repository of resources, collected from EvidenceNOW grantees, to help primary care practices implement the best clinical evidence. Learn more and click here to register.

Thank you for viewing. As always, we will work diligently to keep you informed.

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