NAO UPDATE | Provided as a Member Benefit August 9th, 2018

Reporting to You from the Interim CEO

Happy August Colleagues!

Wow, a lot is going on in AHEC Land! The 2018 Conference Highlights are now on our website. Also, this week’s update will highlight many of the dates/deadlines on our schedules as well as list some of this week’s meetings. Please note these and please mark your calendars now as we encourage you to be aware of the deadlines and to get involved in our NAO Committees.

August 1, 2018:

Supplemental AHEC Grant Notices: *See Below for Grant Specific Details

August 6, 2018:

Public Policy Call
Finance Committee Call

August 7, 2018:

Governance Committee Call

August 8, 2018:

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
AHEC Program TA Webinar Series
Strategic Partnerships: Working Together to Make a Difference in Rural and Underserved Communities

Dial-in: 888-240-4148
Pass Code: 836580

Please note: slides and presentations are still available.

August 9, 2018:

NAO Board of Directors Meeting

August 14, 2018:

NAO PDCG/CDCG Open Call Webinar on Responding to Supplemental Funding, more details to follow.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas on this webinar, please email me at

August 31, 2018:

End of 2017-2018 HRSA Planning Year for our AHEC Scholars Program/s of Days

AHEC Scholars Evaluation Plans

August 31, 2018:

Supplemental AHEC Funds Deadlines

  • Work Plans
  • Federal and non Federal line item budget and narrative
  • Supplemental Project Summary

Focus Areas: See Below

September 1, 2018:

Begins Year 2 of our 5 year AHEC HRSA Award
AHEC Scholars Program Implementation


A couple of other reminders:

  • Last Call:  If you haven’t completed the evaluation of the 2018 NAO Conference, please do so as we are interested in your thoughts and ideas as we begin thinking about our plans for our 2020 Conference. 

*Supplemental Grant Specific Condition(s)

  1. Due Date: Within 30 Days of Award Release Date

    Work Plan: Recipients must attach a brief work plan for achievement of project goals and objectives consistent with the project summary. The work plan should document major activities, the name and title of the individual(s) responsible for accomplishing each major activity, and
    time frames. (Not to exceed 3 pages).

    Due: Within 30 days of award release date.

  2. Due Date: Within 30 Days of Award Release Date

    HRSA requires the submission of a Federal and nonfederal line item budget and narrative for the approved supplemental funding amount.

  3. Due Date: Within 30 Days of Award Release Date

    FY18 AHEC Supplemental Project Summary: Applicants must provide a brief description of how funds will be used, and identify which of the eligible activities they will focus on. Each recipient must also demonstrate how the activities are unique, and not duplicative of activities already approved and funded under the grant award. (Not to exceed 2 pages)

Eligible Activities

Funds may be used for one or more of the following workforce training activities to support opioid use disorder diagnosis, prevention, and treatment for students and practicing health professionals through:

  • Trainings on telemental health services,

  • (2) behavioral health integration with a focus on opioid misuse and abuse, and (3) community health worker training on SUD including strategies to address prescription opioid misuse and addiction in rural and underserved communities.

Upon selecting one or more of the workforce training activities listed above, the focus area(s) can include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Increasing early access to treatment

  • Increasing knowledge on patient engagement in treatment and recovery;

  • Utilizing specific substance use assessment tools and treatment interventions;

  • Training on patient/family education; and

  • Conducting opioid use disorder outreach in community-based settings.

AHECs should utilize cutting edge technologies and other activities to facilitate the training of allied health and health professions students, mental health providers, and other health professionals for practice in rural and other underserved areas. In addition, training should also address the legal and ethical issues associated with substance abuse treatment and telementalhealth services

Due: Within 30 days of award release date.

Grant Specific Term(s)

  1. FY18 AHEC Supplemental Evaluation: Recipients will be required to provide the following additional data as part of their annual reporting requirements:

    • The number and disciplines of individuals received training in the following areas: telementalhealth, substance use treatment, opioid use treatment, or medication assisted
    • treatment (MAT) for SUD/OUD
    • The number and types of training sites offering the following services: telemental health services, substance use treatment services, opioid use treatment services, or medication assisted treatment (MAT) for OUD
    • (If applicable) The number of newly developed or enhanced courses or training activities focused on telementalhealth, SUD, OUD, or MAT, as well as the disciplines and counts of course participants.

Please see note from HRSA below.

Onward and Forward,


Jacqueline R. Wynn
Interim Chief Executive Officer

A Note from HRSA:

Dear AHEC Program Directors and Associate Directors:

We hope this email finds you all well! The NOAs for the Supplemental Award have been released and we would like to clarify the following:

The AHEC Supplement will maintain all AHEC financial/budgetary requirements.

  • 75% of the supplemental funds must go to the AHEC Regional Centers

  • Maintain the 1:1 match

  • Indirect cost rate of 8%

Submission of a federal/non-federal budget is required within 30 days (e.g., no later than 09/30/2018). The federal and matching non-federal budget and justification can be separate from your NCC budget to show how the funds will be utilized.

AHECs can integrate the requirements into their established program structure (e.g., AHEC Scholars, clinical training, health career recruitment, etc.) or separate it.  If you choose to integrate these requirements, please be prepared to report on accomplishments, regarding the approved activity requirements and innovative/extra outputs resulting from the supplement funding.

Please contact your Project Officer with any additional questions/concerns regarding this supplement.


The HRSA Program Office

National Training Center

AHEC’s social media gets boost from HPV Project! 
It’s National Immunization Awareness Month! 

"The NAO HPV Immunization Project has provided us with timely and pertinent information to share with our colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Our followers look to Three Rivers AHEC for the most current resources on emerging health trends which includes the HPV immunization.  Thanks in part to this project, our outreach has grown and we continue to share credible information on the importance of the HPV vaccination." – Kathy English, Three Rivers AHEC (GA)

August in National Immunization Awareness Month (#NIAM18) and we are highlighting the importance of the HPV vaccine as Cancer Prevention! This campaign is designed to share a wealth of information with your followers/friends/partners through quick and easy to read messages! Not only does the campaign spread awareness of our cause, it connects us to partners and more people are added to our social media outreach!

Please consider sharing this message and photo this week: 
August is National Immunization Awareness Month! DYK #HPV is common and about 14 million Americans become infected each year? The HPV vaccine = cancer prevention! Ask your doctor today! #AHEChpv





HPV webinar – now archived and available on demand!
Thank you to everyone who helped promote our last HPV webinar, “School Nurses’ Role within HPV Vaccine Uptake: A Model for Interprofessional Colloboration.” Access to the archived webinar is available on demand but registration is required here: Continuing education credit has expired. 

More than 275 people attended the live webinar with Florida having the most attendees, followed by North Carolina, Ohio and Washington! 

Cancer Prevention Message Is Key for HPV Vaccination Discussions with Parents
Health care providers should emphasize cancer prevention when discussing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination with the parents of preteens who are due to receive the vaccine. That’s the conclusion of a new study that asked a diverse group of US parents what they felt are the most compelling reasons to get their children vaccinated. Read more from the National Cancer Institute.  

NAO Committee Corner:
Membership Updates & Opportunities

NAO Membership Committee Is Seeking Your Input
The NAO Membership Committee will be discussing how to implement the feedback and input from the recent Membership Survey. Improving the member experience and developing future goals will be the focus of the next meeting. Will you join this committee and be a part of shaping the future?

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 28th, 12:30p PST, 1:30p MST, 2:30p CST, and 3:30p EST.
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or Telephone: Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 3034818686

Those interested should email or call 303-923-3734.

Legislative Update

Both the House and Senate chambers are quiet for the moment. The House is out of session until after Labor Day while the Senate has recessed after a short week of work. The Senate is out next week, but returns August 13th to take up more appropriations bills and a backlog of minor judicial nominations. This is your end of the week update.


This week, the Senate easily advanced its 4-bill minibus appropriations package containing the Fiscal Year 2019 measures for 1) Interior & Environment; 2) Financial Services and General Government; 3) Transportation & Housing; 4) Agriculture, Rural Development, & Food and Drug Administration. Controversial policy rider amendments weakening public health programs fell by the wayside and the bipartisan minibus passed the Senate by the wide margin of 92-6.

When the Senate returns on August 13th, it is expected to begin consideration of another minibus appropriations bill combining the Labor-HHS measure (NIH, CDC, HRSA, SAMHSA, AHRQ, etc.) with Defense appropriations (DOD medical research programs). While these bills will generate spirited debate, it is hoped that the Senate will favorably dispatch them much in the same way it did with this week’s minibus.

Once the House and Senate return after Labor Day, there will be a significant push to conference many of these appropriations bills and send them to the president before the end of the fiscal year on September 30th. Appropriators hope to have 9 of the 12 annual appropriations bills done by the end of September. The Labor-HHS bill will not likely be among those bills and will probably require a short-term continuing resolution.

Looming in the discussion is a recent threat by the president to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t provide funding for his border wall proposal in this round of appropriations bills.


The administration issued its final rule on short-term, limited-duration health plans this week. The rule would allow individuals to carry lower-quality health benefits for 364 days, and allow the lower quality benefits for up to 36 months.  HHS is touting the rule as relief from high costs and burdensome ACA coverage requirements. HHS Statement

Patient-based organizations are raising concerns (see attached statement) that the low quality benefits will not cover a healthy person who has a sudden illness, and will also significantly drive up costs for individuals requiring more comprehensive benefits because it will draw healthy persons away from better coverage.

Senate Democrats are expected to force a vote to overturn the rule. The Hill Coverage


Nominee for VA Secretary Confirmed: On Monday July, 30th, Robert Wilkie was sworn in as the next Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs. President Donald Trump said Monday during an Oval Office ceremony that Wilkie will work day and night "to protect those who protect us." Secretary Wilkie is now the 10th Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs.


Advisory Committee on Interdisciplinary, Community-Based Linkages: The Advisory Committee on Interdisciplinary, Community-Based Linkages (ACICBL) has scheduled a public meeting for August 16th. This committee provides recommendations to HHS officials and Congress on grant issues related to certain Title VII programs, such as the Area Health Education Centers program. Information about ACICBL and the agenda for this meeting can be found on the ACICBL website here.

Commission of Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health: The U.S. Public Health Service's Oral Health Coordinating Committee announces the commission of a Surgeon General's Report presenting prominent issues affecting oral health. The report will document progress in oral health in the twenty years since the 2000 Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health, identify existing knowledge gaps, and articulate a vision for the future. Click here for the full notice.

A New Resource on Health Equity: The Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE) Initiative, is a new resource that provides data on health, opportunity, and equity for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. HOPE focuses on opportunities and assets, with a positive message about ways to close gaps and achieve the best outcomes possible in the United States. Learn more by visiting the project page

Building Better Primary Care: New Tools for Getting Evidence into Practice: On August 22, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualitywill preview its new repository of resources, collected from EvidenceNOW grantees, to help primary care practices implement the best clinical evidence. Learn more and click here to register.

Thank you for viewing. As always, we will work diligently to keep you informed.

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