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From the CEO's Office

Membership and what it means for NAO

Being a member of the NAO community is critical for us in more than just the dollars that come in that allow us to operate. Your membership in your professional organization is a statement that the mission of NAO and the combined mission of the AHEC community is one worth supporting. In these tough budget times it is important to remember the case that is made for why membership is an important priority.

Without the membership the voice of AHEC becomes diluted around the country. One of our greatest strengths is our reach in over 80% of counties nationally. This is a selling point to Congressional leaders. It also allows us to go to funders outside of the traditional channels of HRSA and federal government to look at securing additional resources.

Another key piece of your participation as a member in our organization is that your membership means your voice in the diversity of conversations that happen in how we build and create workforce capacity in the many rural and underserved areas of our country. You are needed now more than ever. As our policy team and leadership prepares for a visit to Capitol Hill to discuss the reauthorization progress we need our members behind us.

Becoming active in your professional organization is more than just your dues. We have a myriad of committees that need your time and expertise. Let us know if you really like finances and the nuts and bolts of managing the budget; if you are an amazing event planner and want to help our conference planning committee; if you have great ideas for reaching members in new and unique ways; or if you have a knack for policy discussions and want to be part of the dialogue. Through these and many other committees we have a place for you to come and be part of the work of NAO.

We are in this together.

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National Training Center

Don’t miss out on Year 4 of the HPV Project!

Applications to be a part of the HPV Project for fiscal year 4 are due Nov. 20! Did you miss our kickoff? Here’s the webinar recording. Due to the format of the application materials (fillable Word document and Excel spreadsheet), please request access to the documents by emailing Project Manager Trisha Schulz at

If you feel like you want to be a part of the project but have some barrier preventing you from joining, let us know! Or, maybe you’ve found yourself open to an opportunity but it doesn’t quite fit the mold of the HPV project. We’re open to a discussion! We want you to be a part of something big as we show the impact of the NAO network.

We are particularly looking for an AHEC to be the State Entity in the following states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, California and Hawaii!

Provider Education Funding Announcement
See the year 3 ACR/NAO small group provider training session notice of funding available here. For questions please contact Robin Campbell at

NAO Committee Corner:
Membership Updates & Opportunities

Committee on Outcomes, Research and Evaluation (CORE)
Using Data to Tell the Story

Everyone who has data to analyze has a story to tell. The NAO Committee on Outcomes, Research and Evaluation (CORE) works together in a collaborative nature to develop a national data set that can be used toward co-creating best practices and that can effectively link the AHEC story for showcasing program outcomes potentials.

Every year, CORE helps to share NAO’s story of success through development of the annual one-pager summary of NAO’s data outcomes. Thanks to all of the members who shared your data with the NAO CORE for the 2016-2017 reporting periods. We experienced a 93% participation rate across the AHEC Network. This is how NAO members work together to tell our story with strategic partners, constituents, board members, and key collaborators.

CORE members work to communicate with HRSA in order to target technical assistance opportunities for AHEC Programs and Centers across the nation. This data analysis support to facilitates consistency with the practice of rigorous examination and evaluation of the effectives of members’ individual programs. For example, CORE is identifying ways we can better inform the network on promising practices related to evaluating interprofessional education and the AHEC Scholars programs.

For more information about joining the NAO Committee on Outcomes, Research, and Evaluation, contact co-chairs Jennifer Taylor at and Detra Brown at

Other News

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