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From the President's Office

From the NAO President:

Last week, the NAO Board authorized me to extend an offer to a candidate for our national CEO and once we finalize our written contract, we will announce and present the next NAO CEO to you.

Also last week, members of the NAO Conference Planning Committee met in the Washington DC area to conduct site visits of area hotels that are being considered for our 2018 NAO Biennial conference. The theme of the 2018 Conference is AHEC on the Hill: Diversity, Distribution and Practice Transformation and is scheduled for summer, 2018. The Committee is considering location and access to Capitol Hill, venue layout as well as cost of each site and has developed a comparative site assessment in order to finalize the decision. We ask that you stay in tune with our Monday Updates for the Conference dates and the hotel selected for our 2018 Conference.

From Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington DC.

Continuing a period of tumult in Washington that includes advancing a controversial healthcare bill and the firing of the FBI director, the National AHEC Organization (NAO) is now focused on advancing its Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 priorities. The FY 2017 omnibus funding law included $30.25 million for the AHEC program, which was level funding from FY 2016.

Already, our team in Washington has begun meetings with the House and Senate appropriations committee members on AHEC funding for FY 2018. Next week, you will hear about President Trump re-releasing his FY 2018 budget. The President's budget is likely to not support the AHEC program. Be reminded that the President's budget is only a suggestive document. It does not have the force of law. Only the bills that the Congress will pass into laws to fund the government have that force. That is the process on which we are already focused.

We plan to keep the NAO membership updated, and at the proper time we will ask for you to be engaged by calling your member of the U.S. House of Representatives and two Senators to ask that they fund the AHEC program.



National Training Center

CDC releases updates presentation

The CDC updated its "You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention" prevention that has been a core resource for the HPV project! The new slides provide updated data and statistics on the burden of HPV, additional guidance on the new 2-dose schedule and information about how to implement stronger HPV immunization strategies into the clinical setting. All of the State Entities involved in the project received the updated slide set and it will be on our HPV webpage soon.

NRHA conference success

It was an honor and privilege to represent the National AHEC Organization and the National Training Center at the National Rural Health Association Conference last week. It was an exciting opportunity to share all of the good work going on with the HPV Project as well as promote the network's ability to reach providers across the country with continuing education. We came away with new connections and are looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

It's already time to think "Back to School!"

In a matter of weeks, school will be out of the summer! Which means it's the perfect time to be thinking about "Back to School" immunizations. Many clinics and physician offices see an uptick in adolescent patients during the summer months as parents can more easily get their children into the clinic for physicals and vaccinations. Sending out reminders or pamphlets on the HPV vaccine to clinics, offices, physicians, and nurses, and even school and community health nurses is a great way to disseminate materials and raise awareness on why it's important for 11- and 12-year-olds to receive the HPV vaccine. The CDC has a number of great resources for back to school immunizations as well as posters and other things to share! The two links below have great information to share via newsletters, emails, and social media!

Programs Update

Congratulations to SPCC Atlanta AHEC for wrapping up impressive health information literacy training by participating in a live radio broadcast with their youth. The program, "Now and Again," is hosted by Moorehouse School of Medicine and is focused on connecting the community with positive lifestyles and practices. During the broadcast, four youth talked about their leadership experiences with the program and took questions from callers. Youth talked about the benefits of interacting with their peers from different schools and with different perspectives, and the pride that they feel by being able to show peers from outside the group how to have a voice on issues that are important to them. As Kedrick Williams, AHEC program coordinator, concluded, "It starts with the power of one." Great messaging, SPCC Atlanta AHEC!

Upcoming Events

Other News

Center Directors

Please join us for the following Center Director Constituency Group Meeting – open to all center directors:

Center Director Constituency Group Annual Meeting
Wednesday, June 14
12 noon CST
Passcode: 33402919

Special Interest Groups

Please keep the momentum going on the NAO SIGs — I know that they have been useful! Remember: anyone can add a SIG and work with AHEC colleagues from anywhere in the country. It may make sense to create more SIGs regarding AHEC redesign with a focus on practice transformation. If there is interest, we can supply a dial-in number and log-in for those interested in sharing information and resources.​

Here's the link to the growing spreadsheet; and remember, you can edit and add areas of interest.

Job Opportunities

Please remember to check out the Employment section of the NAO website for current job listings.

Current Openings are for:

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