NAO UPDATE | Provided as a Member Benefit August 31, 2017

From the CEO's Office

This past week I spent time with Missouri & Nebraska members to learn about centers and program offices in rural and rural/urban areas. I was fortunate to be with members in a rural center, urban/rural center, program office directors met with our National Training Center and our CDC project around HPV. We were hosted by a critical access hospital in Nebraska for this National Training Center meeting. We are quite fortunate to have such a strong pool of leadership amongst our center and program directors to help guide the work of our organization.

As reported we continue to monitor Congress and the appropriations process in both the House & Senate. We have nothing new this week to report on this front. As a reminder, during our 2018 conference we will be having a Hill Day in which members can speak to their Congress delegation directly. We also want to remind everyone about the importance of local relationships as well. Getting to know your delegation is paramount to them knowing about the AHEC mission and purpose.

A small thing you can do today to strengthen your relationship is to invite your delegation to a local event. Have a program that truly highlights what you are doing in your community? Invite your delegation when they are home. The Senator or Representative may not be able to come themselves but a senior staff member will certainly do so and report back the great work you are doing.

As a reminder that NAO is also working on the reauthorization of the AHEC program, as our authorization expired in 2015. The NAO Board approved the establishment of a workgroup of constituents from all parts of NAO to assist our NAO Public Policy Committee and colleagues at Health & Medicine Counsel in a strategy for AHEC reauthorization to present to the NAO Board for the November 2017 meeting. This is an example of your membership at work.

Last week I posed a question to you all. I would like to propose it again.

If funding & resources were no object, what would be one goal you would like to see the AHEC community accomplish in the next three years?

Please feel free to respond directly to me at

Thank you for all you do and for being part of the AHEC community.

In service,


National Training Center

HPV project helps AHEC delve into social media

A key objective of the NAO HPV Project is to disseminate information to health professionals to help bolster a strong HPV recommendation for their patients. As part of National Immunization Awareness Month in August, the HPV leadership team provided a social media posts that each state could simply copy and paste into their social media channels. Judy Wechsler of Champlain Valley AHEC said before her involvement in the HPV Project, she had never posted to Facebook before:

“Thanks so much for providing the Facebook posts! I find these incredibly helpful and so easy to use. I have posted or scheduled to be posted in August all of the ones you have sent! The local ACS, among other partners, pick up and share some of HPV-related posts, too. I never posted on Facebook before the HPV Project and I’m happy to have the opportunity to develop new skills!”

Way to go, Judy! Your new social media prowess will surely help your AHEC in other areas of work.

New Facebook group for pro-HPV vaccine families

Our partners at the American Cancer Society have launched a new Facebook group for pro-HPV vaccine families. The HPV Cancer Free FAMILY Facebook group will give families information about HPV vaccination and HPV-related cancers. We encourage you to invite the parents, public health professionals, and volunteers who support your organization to join this group! Join the group here:

Expanding Lupus Education Resources

As NAO enters year three of our partnership with the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and The Lupus Initiative®, ACR is offering NAO members and partners expanded educational offerings with current and important lupus CME. The free on-line trainings will help AHEC staff and clinical partners gain a deeper understanding of how to provide quality care for those diagnosed with or at higher risk of lupus. Eight different continuing education sessions ranging from health disparity topics to dermatology are .5 to 1.0 CME credits each. Promoting or facilitating these sessions is recommended for AHECs that largely serve African American, Hispanic, and/or American Indian/Alaskan Native populations, and could help get your center and constituents primed for participating in the next round of program awards!

Check out ACR’s easily accessible CME here and stay tuned for the year three funding announcement in September.

NAO Committee Corner:
Membership Updates & Opportunities

Name of NAO Committee: Communications Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

Shawn Houck, RN, MSN, Coordinator, Regional Education, Greensboro AHEC, A member of the NC AHEC network

Andrea Novak, PhD, RN-BC, FAEN, Administrator for Nursing, Allied & Public Health CE Southern Regional AHEC, Fayetteville, NC, A member of the NC AHEC network

Co-Chair Contact Information:

Shawn Houck: Phone # 336.832.3947

Andrea Novak: Phone # 910.678.7216

Committee Focus of Work:

  • Role is to be the eyes & ears to ensure the NAO network is cohesively and comprehensively integrated toward our universal mission & vision
  • Provide recommendations to support a consistent image and branding for a unified look and identity to support the internal network membership and external strategic partners
  • National level NAO information is provided as a resource to be translated to regional and local users
  • Integrate communications more diagonally across the organization structure to support enhanced engagement connectivity and adaptive responsiveness to changing healthcare environment
  • Interface with digital technology platform production multimodalities for the NAO website, social media, e-mail blasts and NAO Weekly newsletter to review and consult to provide NAO membership and external relations communications recommendations and fulfillment strategies serving the NAO Board with contracted association management services and social media provider
  • Collaborate and evaluate new and updated media platform options for changes to better deliver combined support of value messaging for both internal members and external stakeholder partnerships for NAO and the National Training Center

Subcommittees include: Partnership support of NAO standing committees for communication support; FY’2017 focal, strategic priority work plan support through integration with NAO’s Conference Planning, Diversity and Public Policy Committees

Recent Successes to Share:

  • Communications Committee provided support for 2016 marketing/e-blasts NAO Biennial Conference preparations and worked with Conference Planning & Public Policy to develop and coordinate production for materials/supply production of Countdown to the Capitol campaign
  • Consulting support of the NAO 2018 Biennial Conference theme and logo icon branding development and ongoing communications plan and production
  • Development and production coordination of the new NAO Monday (now Weekly) Update column feature – NAO Committee Corner: Membership Updates & Opportunities begun June 2017

New Member Opportunities: New members are welcome at any time. Contact Shawn Houck or Andrea Novak for interests at the above contact information.

Meeting Schedule/Call Information: Monthly conference call meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 2-3 p.m. EST.

Other News

Program Directors and Center Directors

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