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April 27, 2015

From the CEO's Office

Spring has finally sprung here in the northeast thankfully! The days are longer, the sun is shining and, given that last week was April vacation for the kids, the house was full of activity and energy; not always conducive to maximum efficiency, but great nonetheless!

While running early this morning I realized it's just over only 2 short weeks until our inaugural 2015 NAO Spring Business Summit in Orlando. As of early last week we had over 130 AHECers registered ​for the full conference and over 30 registered for the grant writing pre-conference workshop. The planning team and TEI have done a remarkable job in putting together an agenda that promises to be highly valuable and engaging. We've also built in a fair amount of time for networking and connecting with colleagues--there never seems to be enough time for that; I'm hopeful we've hit the sweet spot between content and time to connect with colleagues. I'm looking forward to seeing ​so many of you in just a couple of weeks!​

NAO 2013-2014 Program Report, CORE and You

While in Washington, D.C. conducting visits and holding our policy briefing the week of 4/13, one of the documents we shared widely was the NAO 2013-2014 Program Report (attached). The one-pager is an outstanding example of an infographic that tells our collective story and demonstrates national impact in a highly digestible way.

The reason the document is so impactful is because of the tremendous work of our NAO CORE and ​because of you--the Program and Center staff who collected, analyzed and shared program data with CORE--so that they could aggregate and create a highly useful infographic that represents data from 100% (yes, 100%!) of our AHEC Programs​. This collective body of work is part of our national ​story.

Kerrin Smith, Jennifer Taylor, Mindy Bateman, Detra Brown and YOU ALL are responsible for creating a document that accurately reflects our work over the past year. I can tell you it was extremely well received where it matters most​; thank you all again!


"Tuesdays with Trachtenberg"

Grab a cup of your favorite tea and settle in for the next "Tuesdays with Trachtenberg" call, which will be Tuesday May 5th from 12:30-1:30 EST. Please dial in at 1-605-475-3220: Passcode: 245171#. ​Last week we discussed the teaching health centers program, the upcoming NAO Orlando Business Summit and the various types and sizes of AHECs. Please join us on May 5th ​to see where the discussion will go!

National Training Center: 10 NAO HPV Regional Coordinators Selected!

You likely saw that the email that went out last week from the National Training Center regarding the 10 Regional HPV Coordinators who have been selected and are in the processes of coming on board for the CDC HPV Project. I'm thrilled with our team and can't wait to start working with everyone! As a point of reference, we had 16 applications for the 10 positions.All the candidates were strong and had wide and varied set of skills. The interview team of Gretchen Forsell, Trisha Sc​hulz, Terry Zollinger and Cindy Lewis worked diligently and did an enormous amount of work to identify the final 10 regional coordinators. Training and orientation starts in the next couple of weeks; we'll keep you posted as to how the project is evolving; stay tuned!

Presentation materials coming soon!

The CDC recently revised the "You Are the Key" presentation slides to include the new 9-valent HPV vaccine information. Those AHECs training health professionals on HPV will be presenting materials with the most current information available! The NAO-NTC team is now working on getting those slides approved for CE credit. The materials should be ready to release shortly after HPV state entities are granted training awards.

CDC Resource

Many of you are aware that HPV vaccine protects girls against cervical cancer. But did you know that vaccinating boys can protect them against cancer, too? Find out how HPV vaccination of boys is also likely to benefit girls in this CDC resource.

Have a great week and looking forward to seeing many of you in a couple of weeks!


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