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September 8, 2014

1. From the Executive Director's Office
I had a number of positive meetings with Congressional Members last week, where AHEC Appropriations for FY15 and FY16 were discussed. While there is great uncertainty regarding the process for wrapping up the FY15 budget process given the upcoming election, it is always important for us to have a regular presence on the Hill with Appropriators.

Later this week or early next I will be talking with staff at the White House Office of Management and Budget to further reinforce the importance of having the AHEC Program included in the President's Budget request for FY16. FY15 is in the hands of Congress right now, and regardless of the results of the November election, the current Congress will have to resolve the FY15 budget--which is one reason why it will be important for AHECs to have a strong Hill presence during our Fall Conference.

In terms of the NAO Fall Conference, given the fact that there are many conflicts with the originally proposed dates, there is a strong likelihood that the dates for the conference will be moved to early December--which does align with Congress being in town after the Thanksgiving recess. As soon as we have any more concrete information we will share it as soon as humanly possible.

Sorry for the short report this week; please be sure to check out NAO activities on social media, as each day there are Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn updates; all of which get posted on the NAO website.

Have a great week!

2. AHECs Getting the Job Done – Marketplace
How are you training health professionals on the Health Insurance Marketplace? Let us know how many health professionals you've trained since last October. You must submit your documentation by Sept. 22! Check out how these AHECs are getting the job done:

  • Southeast and Mid-Central Regional AHECs in Michigan collaborated on a webinar Marketplace event with 84 people attending. The program provided an additional opportunity to do some presentations for a hospital residency program with the hopes of beginning a relationship to collect CBSE data.
  • Northeastern Wisconsin AHEC distributed the CE Self-Study Guide to more than 400 health professionals.
  • Upstate AHEC in South Carolina provided the Marketplace training materials online. A total of 62 participants viewed the materials, attempted the quiz and provided evaluation information from July 22 to Aug. 31.

Marketplace Webinar Sept. 18
Recommended by Indiana AHEC, Dr. Jason Marker, a family physician in Wyatt, Indiana, will explain how the Marketplace can change a providers' day and affect patient care in our next webinar on Thursday, Sept. 18, at 3 p.m. Eastern. Understanding how the Marketplaces and newly covered patients impact a medical practice will help AHECs when talking with providers and doing trainings for them. In the webinar titled "Marketplace Plans: What Every Provider Needs to Know," Dr. Marker will also give examples of effective ways to share Marketplace information with providers. Know a health care professional who would benefit from this training? Invite them! Register Now.

Field Guide 2.0 Webinar Sept. 23
You've had the A-TrACC Field Guide forms since February 2012 & the spreadsheets since last November. Do you use them? How are you making these tools work for you? Some AHECs use the forms as they were provided while others modify them to fit their needs. The Field Guide serves as a reference and resource for many AHECs. They can be useful in your everyday work! Find out how at an upcoming webinar Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 3 p.m. Eastern. Register Now.

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Vision: Our vision is that the AHEC network is the national leader in developing a highly competent and diverse health care workforce for underserved populations.

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