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December 22, 2014

From the CEO's Office

You'll notice (above) that ​​my title has changed from Executive Director to chief Executive Officer. The reason for this change, as recommended and approved by the NAO board of directors, is to reflect ​industry standards and will elevate NAO in the eyes of our partner organizations and professional peers. I am pleased with this change and believe it will strengthen NAO and our AHEC Network.​

National Training Center​

Wow! What a great webinar! Shannon Stokley from the Immunizations Division of CDC gave an overview of HPV and the vaccine last week at our "HPV: The Basics" webinar. AHECs had some very good questions that lead to a robust conversation! Did you miss it? You'll definitely want to access the recording and you can also request presentation slides by e-mailing

Completely confused about why we're talking about HPV? Review the HPV Project Kick-off for all the details on this exciting, new, national project.

Message from the NAO CORE (Committee on Research and Evaluation) Committee​ Re the Semi-Annual Performance Reporting Period

"Please be sure to carefully read the message below from HRSA and the Health Careers Pipeline Branch and pay particular attention to the FAQ's":

AHEC Semiannual Performance Reporting Period (SARP) #1 (AY 2014-2015) FAQs

Dear AHEC Program Directors and Associate Directors:

The AHEC Semiannual Performance Reporting Period (SARP) #1 (AY 2014-2015) module in the Electronic Handbook (EHB) was released on December 12, 2014 and is anticipated to close on January 31, 2015. The archived technical assistance webinar held on December 9th can be viewed here:

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions from grantees:

1.Q. For forms that capture Practicum/Field Placements, are we expected to report rotations/field placements or trainees?

A. In an effort to fully capture the volume of participation in (and completion of) field placement programs, grantees should report aggregate counts of trainee rotations/placements in the PC-7, LR/DV, and EXP3 forms. This data collection strategy allows grantees to be credited for trainees participating in (and completing) more than one rotation/field placement within a given SARP.

2. Q. On EXP 3, how should we differentiate between "Principal" vs. "Interprofessional Team Trainees"?

A. Principal trainees (synonymous with HRSA/AHEC-sponsored) are those who are supported and/or leveraged in some capacity by HRSA/AHEC Program funds (federal or matching). This block pertains to the same students who are described in the LR/DV tables. Trainees who are NOT facilitated by the HRSA/AHEC Program and who happen to be placed on interprofessional teams with HRSA/AHEC trainees at these sites (including other HRSA-sponsored trainees who are NOT associated with the AHEC program) should be considered "Other."

3.Q. Please clarify the difference in how #Enrolled/Enrollees and #Completed/Program Completers are captured on the PC-7 and LR-DV forms, respectively.


  • PC-7: Total # Graduated/Completed (Block 8) is a subset of Total # Enrolled (Block 3)" (see Instruction Manual page 35).
  • LR-DV: Program completers are NOT a subset of Enrollees. For all programs, report counts of enrollees and program completers separately. Active Practica/Field Placement programs may simultaneously report enrollees and completers (see instruction Manual page 40).

For programmatic questions or to request a copy of the Instruction Manual, contact your Project Officer Aleisha Langhorne ( or Jamie Weng ( For systematic or technical difficulties with the EHB system, please contact the HRSA Contact Center at 877-Go4-HRSA/877-464-4772 (TTY: 877-897-9910) or submit an inquiry online:

​Job Opportunity:

Associate Director – for the Alabama Statewide AHEC Program

​​Our colleague and friend Art Clawson will be leaving the UAB AHEC Program ​on February 13, 2015. Art has contributed a great deal to NAO and the AHEC program over the course of many years; we will miss him and wish him well on his new adventure! Please join me in thanking Art for his service, and please feel free to email him directly at

​Attached is a job description for ​the Associate Director's Position​ for the Alabama Statewide AHEC Program.​ Please contact UAB AHEC Program Director Cindy Selleck at at 205-934-6569 or by email at ​should you have any questions or would like more information about the position.​ The posting will be on the NAO website as well.​

Special note from Art Clawson


It is with mixed emotions that I am resigning from my position at UAB. After much prayer and many hours of contemplation, I have accepted the Director of Church Partnerships position with our Church of God Ministries National Headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. This position will involve me working with our churches, organizations and individuals in the U.S. and Canada to develop partnerships with people and projects around the world. I was surprised when I received the call about this position and see this as a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

My time at UAB has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling for me both professionally and personally. I have learned many things and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoy working here in the department with all of you and I will miss our departmental camaraderie. I am a better person because of my relationships and work with each of you.

With a Grateful Heart,

NAO 2016 Conference Planning Underway!

I am pleased to announce on behalf of our ​NAO President Marty Schaller and NAO President-Elect (and 2014 Conference Co-Chair) Jacqueline Wynn that Anna Wenders (Maynard), USF Program Office and Mary Craig, President, Erie Niagara AHEC have agreed to co-chair the 2016 NAO national conference.

Jackie will remain on the committee and will serve as the board liaison to the committee. I'm very excited that the co-chairs have been named and that planning for the 2016 conference is now underway. Please watch this space over the next ​number of months for conference information and updates. On to 2016!​

​​NAO Social Media & NAO/AHEC Updates

Please be sure to check the NAO website, the NAO Facebook page, NAO LinkedIn page, NAO Twitter feed​, the NAO Google + page and the blog on a regular basis for NAO and AHEC updates. Posting items to these locations is the quickest way we can get important and timely information out to you all in a comprehensive, multi-platform manner (i.e: information regarding the recent CR/Omnibus & other funding issues). Please make checking at least 1 or 2 of these sites a regular part of your day​; it doesn't take a lot of time and you'll be assured of getting the latest "up to the minute" important information.​

Have a great week and a very Happy and Healthy Holiday to you all!


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