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October 28, 2013

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1. From the Executive Director's Red Sox Paraphernalia-Adorned Desk
Could this fall be any better? A friend and I successfully completed our run across the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, the Red Sox are in the World Series again, the leaves have turned and are falling off the trees, morning runs are cool and moonlit, and Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is just over a month away. I love this time of year!

I also love the fact that the NAO Board and Committee Chairs will be meeting in just a few weeks in Washington, D.C. for our strategic planning meeting. A great deal of work has gone into the development of a top-notch agenda by the planning committee that will help chart the course for NAO over the next few years.

There is a lot riding on this meeting given the current fiscal environment; the opportunities and challenges facing NAO and the AHEC Network; and the fact that our work in leading the nation in the recruitment, training and retention of a diverse health workforce for underserved communities has never been more important given Affordable Care Act implementation. Please let me know if you have any questions about the meeting, and I'll certainly be providing a summary to you once concluded.

A-TrACC Activities for Option Year 4; Time to Ramp Up Again!
A-TrACC is gearing up for this year's activities. Building on the successes of the past two years' Veterans' Mental Health Initiative, the energy and excitement are high for the new scope of work. Below are three bullet points that outline the key activities. We need great participation again this year from you all. Stay tuned for much more information from the A-TrACC Team. Looking forward to seeing YOU on the team this year!

Key Activities:

  • Coordinate a national project for AHECs to educate health professionals and staff on the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • Provide technical assistance and resources to AHEC staff to build capacity for using evaluation in program development and implementation and to improve performance measure reporting.
  • Continue to support the Veterans' Mental Health Project by collecting data from AHECs still offering trainings and by encouraging AHECs to promote the Citizen Soldier Support Program (CSSP) online CE courses for providers.

NAO Public Policy Strategic Plan
The NAO Public Policy Leadership Team is in the process of clarifying and fine-tuning the 2014 Plan of Action as it relates to policy activities. Currently, there are three main pillars that will remain and be further refined in the next few weeks. These pillars are, broadly: 1) Raise awareness of AHECs on a wide scale; 2) Highlight NAO and the AHECs' CE Network's initiatives to showcase the value of AHECs' broad and capable network; and 3) Use the productive activities AHECs are currently conducting across the country to illustrate how the AHEC network can be used to implement a wide variety of national-scale and nationally important key initiatives. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the three pillars of the 2014 plan of action.

NAO Welcomes New Board Member
I am pleased to announce that Christina Mathis, the CEO of the Gulfcoast North AHEC in Land O'Lakes, Florida, has joined the NAO board as a CDCG (Center Director's Constituency Group) Representative, effective this month. I look forward to working with Christina and seeing her at our strategic planning meeting in just a few weeks. Welcome, Christina!

Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care
The Graham Center is an incredible resource, particularly as it relates to health care workforce issues. Please click here to see State Workforce Projections. The workforce projections are provided for all 50 states and each report is contained in a 2-page PDF. This may be of use to you, for a variety of purposes. It's worth a look.

Have a great week; Go Sox!


2. Please Update Your Member Profile for NAO
Attention NAO Members,
Now is the perfect time to take a moment and update your member profile for NAO to make sure we have the most current information not only about you, but about each center and program office. To update your profile, please go to, log in using your member user id and password, and update your profile. If you forgot your user id and password, simply click on the blue box that says "I forgot my User ID and Password," and follow the instructions.

If you are AHEC staff and do not currently receive information from the NAO organization, and you are interested in doing so, please have your AHEC manager go to, click on the membership tab at the top, click on member profile update, log in and update their profile, and add your name and e-mail address. To search for the manager at your AHEC who can add login accounts, click here. Once they have done this, you will have login access to the members only section of the NAO website.

In the event that you or your AHEC manager have difficulty performing any of these functions noted above, or if you are having trouble logging in, please contact our Customer Care department at, or (414) 908-4953 x450.

Thank you for helping us out and updating this important information.

Best Regards,
NAO Membership Committee

3. From A-TrACC
Health Professionals and the Health Insurance Marketplace
Reminder: A-TrACC is collecting information on what AHECs are doing to provide information and/or CE to health professionals about the Health Insurance Marketplace. If your AHEC has done anything related to this and you haven't responded already, please do. Email by the end of October. Describe any promising practices you are using for outreach to health professionals and attach examples of tools.

A-TrACC is developing curricula and identifying resources for AHECs to use in a CE and outreach effort to help health professionals better understand the Health Insurance Marketplace. Assessing what AHECs are doing already is the first step in this project. Thank you for your help.

A New Tool for AHEC Centers. A-TrACC Webinar 401T-A,B,C: Field Guide Spreadsheets
A-TrACC has developed Excel spreadsheets that center staff can use to organize and aggregate data collected with the A-TrACC Field Guide forms. Participants will learn how to use the spreadsheets for their own reporting and evaluation needs and how to organize the data required for HRSA biannual reporting. The spreadsheets will be presented in three sessions. Center program coordinators should register for the session most relevant to their AHEC work.

  • Session A: CBSE Field Guide Spreadsheets for CBSE Coordinators

Thursday, Nov. 7, 3 to 4 pm Eastern: Register

  • Session B: CE/PES Field Guide Spreadsheets for CE Coordinators

Thursday, Nov. 14, 3 to 4 pm Eastern: Register

  • Session C: HCPP Field Guide Spreadsheets for HCPP Coordinators

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 3 to 4 pm Eastern: Register

Checks are in the Mail
AHECs that fulfilled agreements with NAO to offer, evaluate and report on CEs provided in Year 2 of the AHEC Veterans' Mental Health Project should receive a check this week. If you don't get it, contact Gretchen Forsell.

Centers will receive $1,475. A-TrACC is very pleased that we were again able to nearly triple the amount of financial support above what was guaranteed in the MOU ($500).

The Goal of the AHEC Veterans' Mental Health Project was to provide CE to 10,000 healthcare professionals by September 2013. We exceeded that by reaching 12,232 people so far, with many AHECs still offering trainings.

A-TrACC will collect reporting and evaluation data through February 2014. If you plan to offer more VMH trainings, please continue to use materials from the online toolkit, include the three required learning objectives, gather the registration and evaluation data, and report it in the reporting spreadsheet.

This project has garnered national attention for AHECs and spurred new collaborations at all levels - statewide, regionally and nationally. The AHEC network has shown that it can mobilize to address national issues efficiently and effectively. Your continued collaboration on national initiatives such as this makes a difference!


Mission Statement: The National AHEC Organization supports and advances the AHEC Network to improve health by leading the nation in the recruitment, training and retention of a diverse health workforce for underserved communities.

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