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August 26, 2013

1. From the Executive Director's Desk
Our meetings in Washington, D.C. last week weren't quite as comprehensive as we had hoped, though were valuable nonetheless. We had a productive meeting with the Senior HRSA leadership within the Bureau of Health Professions, though the meeting with the Office of Management and Budget was unable to be scheduled for last week and will need to be re-scheduled. I will let you know when that occurs.

Our meeting with the BHPr staff was excellent, and further reinforced the support the AHEC Program has both at the Bureau and Branch level. I believe it is extremely important for NAO and for you to continually and regularly highlight the successes and impact of your AHEC Program to the AHEC Branch Chief and your Project Officer. Beyond the NAO annual report and the progress reports, sharing impactful and effective stories of your AHEC's work in your communities can be very useful, both now and in the future. I will make a commitment to sharing more of the stories and data I see with greater frequency.

Last week's Monday Update indicated that Congress was returning to work on September 3. Congress will actually return on September 9. Please keep making those calls, and you have an extra week to invite your Congressional Delegation to a local event!
U.S. CONGRESS IN RECESS UNTIL SEPT. 9; WILL FACE FUNDING ISSUES: Congress is taking its annual August recess and will return to Washington on September 9. When it returns, it will face daunting issues of funding the federal government for fiscal year 2014. The government's fiscal year 2014 begins on October 1, 2013. The major appropriations bills are not expected to be passed by October 1. Most observers believe Congress will once again pass an interim continuing resolution to keep the government operating at the 2013 level for at least the first few weeks of fiscal 2014. As we learn more we'll share details.

SW Louisiana AHEC Receives Patient Navigator Grant of $1M
Congratulations to the SWLAHEC! The Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center will help to educate Louisianans about their health coverage options and facilitate enrollment. Congratulations to Bootsie Durand, Executive Director/CEO and the SWLAHEC staff!

NAO 2014 Charlotte, NC Conference
While next summer's NAO conference seems like a long time from now, it will be here before you know it! The NAO Conference Planning Committee is hard at work in planning a great conference for you next July (dates: 7/6/14-7/11/13). It's been wonderful watching the conference take shape. Co-chairs Jacqueline Wynn, Daphne Byrd and Gloria Pressley-McGruder and the full committee are planning something really special; stay tuned for details over the coming months!

The days are slowly growing shorter, the nights are cooler, and school starts this week; this time of year is always a mixed blessing, especially given that when not traveling, I work at home and the kids are about. I hope you all had a great summer and had a chance to do at least one new fun thing. This summer my daughter Carsen and I ran together in an evening weekly cross-country race series and my son Sam and I built a new fire pit in our backyard. I think I always get a bit wistful at this time of year.

Have a great week!

2. From A-TrACC
Webinar 316T-A. Performance Measures 2014: A-TrACC 2013/14 Field Guide Suggestions. This webinar is highly recommended for all grantee staff who collect data and implement programs. The A-TrACC team will present and discuss the A-TrACC Field Guide, which has been revised to support data collection for the 2014 HRSA performance measure reports.

Wednesday, September 11, 3 to 4 pm Eastern: Register

The Goal is in Sight!
As of August 21, reports received show that VMH CE training has reached 9,375 health professionals!! Keep up the fantastic work and sending your reports. If you have trainings in September, please send your reports to as soon as you complete the follow-up evaluation so we can include that data in our year-end reporting.

3. Reminder: Journal of the National AHEC Organization Seeks Articles
"AHECs: Successfully Adapting to Meet the Nation's Healthcare Needs." It's been 30 years since the Journal of the National AHEC Organization began documenting how AHECs have responded to meet the nation's evolving primary healthcare access needs through education, training, and other healthcare workforce initiatives. In this edition we continue this tradition by highlighting how AHECs are once again responding to changes in the fiscal, education, and healthcare environments.
The Editorial Board is looking for articles that address five important topics:

  1. Interprofessional Education (IPE)
    • How does providing IPE differ from previous educational activities at your AHEC?
    • What challenges have you overcome and do you have a success story to share?
    • How has this affected health professions student training?
  2. The Affordable Care Act
    • What role(s) will your AHEC play in its implementation?
  3. Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce
    • How is the workforce changing in terms of demographics, economics, student loan debt burden, and other ways?
    • How do AHECs encourage more diversity in the healthcare workforce?
  4. Social Entrepreneurship
    • What does social entrepreneurship mean in an AHEC context?
    • What role does a readiness assessment play for your AHEC in determining whether to pursue a social entrepreneurship strategy?
    • What challenges have you overcome and do you have a success story to share?
  5. Social Media
    • What is social media in an AHEC context?
    • How is your AHEC using social media?
    • What is the future for AHEC's use of social media?

Articles on related topics, such as individual and institutional success stories relating to innovative education programs, strategic planning processes with educational partners, and effective evaluation solutions are welcomed.

Please submit drafts, photos, and accompanying materials to
refer to the NAO website for Journal submission guidelines. Submission Cover Sheet must be included with the article. Deadline: September 15, 2013 (1st Draft Article Submission)

Mission Statement: The National AHEC Organization supports and advances the AHEC Network to improve health by leading the nation in the recruitment, training and retention of a diverse health workforce for underserved communities.

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