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December 3, 2012

1. From the Executive Director's Office
Washington, D.C. Visits This Week
Today and tomorrow NAO President Mary Mitchell and I will be in Washington, D.C. making visits to Health and Human Services Offices, the Office of Management and Budget at the White House, and a number of Congressional visits to discuss AHEC funding for FY13 and beyond; data, evaluation and core performance measures; and the impact the AHEC Program has had throughout the country in preparing the nation's healthcare workforce for underserved communities. Additionally, we'll be discussing the Veteran's Mental Health Initiative, AHEC efforts in the development of interdisciplinary healthcare teams, and a variety of other initiatives that highlight the successes and capacity of our national network. Of course, we'll also be discussing sequestration and the "fiscal cliff" (please see below). Next week I'll provide an update of our meetings. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback.

Sequestration and the "Fiscal Cliff"
You likely all saw the two E-Alerts that went out last week regarding sequestration and its potential impact of reducing non-defense discretionary spending in Fiscal Year 2013 by 8.2 percent, which, of course, would dramatically and negatively impact AHEC funding and the AHEC Program. It is vital that we all weigh in with your Members of Congress and tell them to apply a balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not sacrifice funding for public health programs like AHECs. The best way to prevent these cuts is to contact your Members of Congress and tell them to support public health programs. We need you to call your Members of Congress. Tell your story and ask your elected representatives to support public health programs!

Veteran's Mental Health Initiative
The second year of the HRSA/ATrACC/NAO Veteran's Mental Health Initiative is now underway (many thanks to Mary Wainwright and the ATrACC team for 2 excellent webinars the week before Thanksgiving!) and attention paid to Veteran's health issues within the AHEC network is growing significantly, from both a training perspective—please consider having your AHEC participate in the 2nd round—and from an external partnership perspective. Also, there have been a number of interesting articles circulating via e-mail that may be helpful in better understanding the particular healthcare needs of Veterans. This one, (link below) from the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, looks at uninsured Veterans and family members. Please take a look by clicking here.

Have a great week and please be sure to make those calls to your Congressional Members regarding sequestration!


2. Congratulations to NC AHEC
Congratulations to the NC AHEC on their 40th Anniversary and statewide meeting! I was so pleased to be a part of the celebration this past September. Click here for a link to the NC AHEC newsletter which highlights the meeting. Be sure to read Dr. Bacon's Director's Message.

3. Announcing the 2013 National Health Literacy Summer Institute June 2-5, 2013
This is the premier opportunity to learn plain language skills to plan, write, and design effective, accessible information for print and web. This Institute has been sponsored by the University of New England in Maine for 22 years. See

The location is Freeport, Maine, home of LL Bean, and is just 20 minutes from Portland. The area offers wonderful venues to explore, both indoors and out—fresh seafood, great shopping, and gorgeous coast.

COST: Good news for hard times: Institute cost stays the same as 2012.
Details here:

SCHOLARSHIP: The Institute for Healthcare Advancement is offering the Len Doak Memorial Scholarship to attend both the IHA conference in May and this Institute in June 2013. Information here:

The Institute is limited to 36 participants, so register early to hold your place.

For more information, contact the Institute Director, Sue Stableford, MPH, MSB, or 207-221-4567.

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