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Countdown to the Capitol!

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The National AHEC Organization's Countdown to the Capitol webinar series is designed to prepare the entire NAO membership to join together as one strong voice on Capitol Hill during the 2018 NAO Conference:

AHEC on the Hill:Diversity, Distribution and Practice Transformation.
The 2018 NAO Conference will be held July 8th – 11th, 2018 at the Marriot Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

What to do from now until you arrive in DC.
Please call your Congressional members’ offices to schedule your visits on July 11th. We urge you to schedule visits starting at 10:15 a.m. with your two Senators offices then spend the rest of the day making visits to your Representatives in the House. 

Why the late start? We will have a brief awards ceremony in 216 Hart Senate office building from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

www.senate.gov – Senate office information www.house.gov – House office information

We will provide NAO advocacy packets.
NAO will provide legislative packets, a leave-behind pocket folder for each member of Congress.  Each NAO Advocacy Packet for legislators will include an NAO “Ask” One-Pager and National Annual Data Highlights. There will be room in the packets for your business card, your State Data One-Pager for you to insert, and any state or local information you would like to share with your elected officials.  We urge you to pick up these packets at the registration desk and bring one of these packets to offices in your state as we are hoping to create a unified message. 

NAO has the conference goal to leave one of these packets in all
535 Congressional offices!  Big goal! How will you help us!?!

Please follow these links to the two documents we will include in the packet so you can become familiar with the messaging:

Document 1: NAO 2016-2017 highlights
Document 2: Title VII: AHEC Background & Recommendations


Four webinars were developed for the 2016 NAO conference in Washington, DC. The content of the webinars is still applicable although a few of the people in the videos are no longer involved with NAO. We would like to suggest that those of you who plan to make Hill Visits for the first time on July 11 review the webinars.

The content for each topic in the series is designed to meet the membership needs and is based on results from NAO advocacy survey.

Webinar 1: How Washington Works! Understanding Advocacy: Describes Advocacy and how AHECs can influence legislative decisions, including budgets, by establishing and maintaining relationships with congressional offices.

Webinar 2: Strengthening the Foundation for Advocacy and Relationship Building: Focuses on Congressional Champions and how you can develop Congressional Champions for AHEC and how to use the State Data One-Pager that was developed for you by the NAO CORE.

Webinar 3: The Language of Advocacy: Developing a Strategy for Communication: Discusses the federal Appropriations process, NAO's legislative priorities and how to schedule office visits during the upcomingAHEC on the Hill:Diversity, Distribution and Practice Transformation Conference with tips on logistics and planning.

Webinar 4: The Final Checklist: Preparations to make an impact in Washington!: Summarizes the basic tips that have been shared throughout the series. Attendees and will hear about NAO's plans for the Capitol Hill Rally and Congressional Visits and will learn some key follow-up strategies to ensure ongoing successes with elected officials.

Kristina Fjeld-Sparks (New Hampshire AHEC)

Shawn Houck (Greensboro AHEC)

Kristin Juliar (Montana AHEC)

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